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Know What's Covered

In many cases, when a covered peril occurs (like hail, hurricane, high winds...), these damages and their consequent repairs will affect a business's day-to-day operations. In most cases, the insurance companies should offer coverage for your income loss during this time. Rooftop Roofing can help you here too! We have the resources and connections to help handle your income loss claim. Let us take this weight off your shoulders.

A Record of Success

We have the expertise needed when dealing with insurance companies to make sure they uphold their responsibility to you. Our attorneys have won thousands cases, recouping millions for our clients. This record of success should speak for itself when considering to file an income loss claim.

We Have Your Back

We know how much a natural disaster can impact a business and community. During these trying and unpredictable times, we want you to feel supported. By fighting for your income loss claim, we are dedicated to keeping you and your business afloat.


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Other Common Issues

We have a diverse team of highly experienced individuals in large loss claims to handle various types of complex issues that can arise with any storm related claims.

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Income Loss